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Axys Rotary - Tattoo machines for Professional Artists.
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You can also choose machines produced by well-known tattoo artists in a traditional way or machines produced in a serial manner by companies in the sector. Tattoo machines: Cheyenne Tattoo, Bishop Rotary, Inkjecta, Saber, Symbeos, FK Iron, Spectra, HM Rotary Tattoo Maschine, Stigma Rotary, Ego, Sunskin, Primus, Rekuna Tattoo Machine, Dormouse, Lauro Paolini, Swashdrive and many others.
the original swissrotary - swisstattoomachine the Original.
Every product of a professional tattoo artist or of a body modification is individual and has the taste of finality. This is where styles and fascinating techniques meet. While lining, colouring, shading, lettering, blending or making for example permanent eyebrows - the work is always precisely done. SwissTattoo Machine helps you to make your work outstanding and you customers happy. SwissTattoo Machine is where design and function meet. Professional artists need highest quality. This rotary machine is developed in 1998 and has the worldwide appreciated Swiss standards.
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Rotary tattoo machines verplaatsen naalden in de huid meer soepel en gelijkmatig dan coil tattoo machines doen. De twee afbeeldingen hieronder illustreren de moties van rotary en coil tattoo machines die het beeld aan de linkerkant een rotary tattoo machine is.
Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment.
It all started in 2007 when Cheyenne released the first tattoo machine with an electric motor. A little later, our cartridges, the first disposable tattoo needle modules for rotary machines, were launched. They took hygiene and comfort to a new level. The world's' first Click" System" for tattoo grips was also introduced by Cheyenne. The innovative system allows easy adjustment of the needle protrusion in seconds. Made" For Artists" is our motto - our goal is to create intuitive tattoo equipment that accelerates the work processes of tattoo artists and simplifies the single steps. Our professional tattoo equipment is very versatile, so that all tattoo styles - whether lining, shading, filling, color packing, dot work or pepper shading - can be realized. SOL Nova Unlimited. HAWK Pen Unio. SOL Nova Grips. HAWK PEN Grips. Fixed and Flex Grips. POWER UNIT IV. Power Unit III. Power Unit I II. Cheyenne Tattoo Blog. Made in Berlin.
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How Tattoo Machines Work - INK WATER.
Another type of tattoo machine is the rotary motored machine, which powers a small spinning motor attached to an armature, which produces an up and down motion. Rotary machines are much quieter than coil machines and are known to move the needles more smoothly and evenly in comparison to coil.
Tattooland Cheyenne Hawk Rotary - Machines.
Tattooland heeft een ruim assortiment aan tatoeage machines van het tattoo merk Cheyenne Tattoo Equipment. De ruime collectie bestaat uit 2 lijnen met veel soorten tattoo machines, de Hawk Rotary collectie en de Sol collectie. Cheyenne Hawk machines. Binnen de Hawk collectie kunt u kiezen uit de Hawk Pen, Hawk Thunder, de Hawk Classic en de Hawk Spirit.

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